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In this day and age, it seems our families are busier than ever. We each have different things going on and the kids are into so many extracurricular activities it is hard to keep up. One of the ways, we keep our family sane and together is to plan a family night each week. These nights are set in stone in order for us to be together and connect as a family. We alternate between a family game night and movie nights. When it comes time for movie night, why not bring the big screen home with you? Canterberry Gifts has the perfect Family Movie Night Gift Basket to make it a success!

If you haven’t heard of Canterberry Gifts, let me introduce you!

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Who says you have to load up in the car and head to the movie theater for a good time? Well, news flash! You don’t! Why not bring the big screen to you and that includes snacks and all! Bring your family together for a night of entertainment with this fun and fabulous gift basket!

This fun gift basket also makes a great gift for family and friends! It comes complete with all the fixin’s! You get a $10 iTunes gift card to rent or purchase a good movie in addition to popcorn and candy! Oh, but wait! Did I mention the fun movie clapboard, awards trophy and film tin (filled with Jolly Ranchers)?

What does the Family Movie Night Gift Basket include:

$10 iTunes Card
Movie Clapboard
Awards Trophy
Candy film Tin
M&M (Peanut)
M&M (Regular)
Milk Duds
Sour Patch
Sugar Babies
Swedish Fish
Popcorn (4 bags – 2 boxes, 2 bags each)
Red Oval Metal Basket (15.5″(L) x 8″(W) x 6″(H))

Do you see the load in this basket? How can you beat this amazing setup? Let’s face it! Going to the theater cost a fortune, right? And, when you think about it, home is where you are most comfortable. So, why not grab you a movie and this fun Family Night Movie Gift Basket and have your very own movie night at home?! Your kids will LOVE the family night and it will provide lasting memories for them! Honestly, it will be an enjoyable night for all involved!

My thoughts

Personally, I am a homebody and have always dreaded going out to the movies. Beyond going out, the cost is ridiculous for a family these days. The simplest of snacks can cost an arm and leg EEK! My family loves the Family Movie Night Gift Basket! Seriously! We had the movie, the popcorn, candy, and even extra paraphernalia like the clapboard and trophy to go along with it! In addition, we had a fun family night in the comfort of our own home! There was a good time had by all and I can see us doing this again in the very near future!

Beyond family movie night, Canterberry Gifts offers gift baskets for all occasions. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a woman, man, housewarming, baby shower, or ANY occasion – they have you covered! With that said, I highly recommend you bring your family together with the Family Movie Night gift basket! It is a great way to spend family time, connect with the kids, and give them lasting memories!

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You can find Canterberry Gifts and the fun Family Movie Night Gift Basket on our 2019 Fun Spring Guide!

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