Students Dismiss Idea of Nobel Prize for Trump, Defend Obama’s But Don’t Know Why

Some students at the College of California, Santa Cruz, obliterated the idea of President Trump receiving the Nobel Tranquility Reward but safeguarded former President Barack Obama’s honor in 2009.

Campus Reform Media Supervisor Cabot Phillips talked to the students as well as discovered that some can not give a reason why Obama won the award less than a year into his initial term.The head of state

announced on Twitter Thursday that he as well as North Oriental leader Kim Jong Un will certainly satisfy in a historic top on June 12 in Singapore.The very anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will certainly occur in Singapore on June 12th. We will both try to make it a really special moment for World Peace!Trump also made the statement simply hrs after he invited residence 3 American detainees launched by North Korea’s resources, Pyongyang.”That’s a joke,” one trainee stated of the suggestion of President Trump receiving the award.”What has he done for peace?” “I feel like he simply believes that he should have

several awards and that’s simply dumb,”an additional student said.The pupils included that Obama deserved his honor, but can not inform Phillips what he

did to deserve it.”It’s not that these pupils are forgetting noticeable factors, there just wasn’t that much to take place to begin with,”Phillips said.Some have suggested that since President Trump’s advancement with Kim Jong Un, the possibility for denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula warrants the Nobel Peace Prize.Phillips claimed that if Obama had attained denuclearization, “they would certainly have already renamed the reward the

‘Obama Peace Prize.'”View more from”Fox & Pals “over.

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