Hostwriter Prize ’17: Pitch Prize Winners — hostwriter

Over 120 journalists from all around the world applied to this year’s awards. Thank you for all the fantastic applications.The jury, including hostwriter ambassadors and plank, had difficulty deciding. It’s with fantastic pride and enjoyment that we’re able to present both winning teams of the year’s pitch decoration.

#pitchprize (1,000 Euros)

The hostwriter pitch decoration is given to a team of supporters with an excellent story idea however to be realised with the support of all hostwriter.

We’re very satisfied with our champions and look forward to seeing these stories come to reside.

Deep Breath

by Jakub Górnicki, Magdalena Chodownik along with many others

#DEEPBREATH — A worldwide project concerning the ramifications of living in atmosphere polluted surroundings. It unites social networking events, dependent on real time reporting and is followed by the launch of a interactive reportage. The job stems from cross-border collaborations between Afghanistan, China, Egypt, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal and Poland.

The first part of the story has been published, it is possible to check it out   here. With the support of the hostwriter pitch decoration the story will go much farther.

“we would like to include three more portions of the story. One from Africa, one from North America and one more from South America. This will make then the story whole and ‘fully international’. Reporters will be seen through the hostwriter platform.

International Gentrification 

from  Daniel Bates, Daylin Paul, Linus Unah, Wacera Ngunjiri, along with Purple Romero 

#GlobalGentrification — A set of reports estimating how people are successfully fighting back against gentrification in five cities: New York, Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi and Manila.The goal of the project is getting accounts about gentrification from countries in which disagreements and challenges posed by gentrification differs to that which people find in more developed nations.

The project was initiated through hostwriter. All participants first connected through the platform.

“Stories about gentrification from places like London or Berlin are quite common but we’re excited to get reports from places, which do not get as much attention.”

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Hostwriter Prize ’17: Pitch Prize Winners — hostwriter

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Pack the Gifts

Ifts are something that everybody loves to receive. There are different occasions in which you’ll be able to give gifts to your near and dear ones. Regardless of the form of gift you purchase, you always need to look it lovely and nicely decorated. This is the reason. You can pack the presents in these beautiful boxes. This can altogether improve the look and the feel of this gift. Today, there are many kinds of boxes out there. You may readily select anyone who caters to your requirements.

Getting Beautiful Designs:

Should you test out correctly, you will find beautifully designed for gifting purposes. These are designed in different topics and styles. Consequently, you will have no dearth of accessibility in these boxes. You can easily pick the box that best suits your purpose and your demand, as a whole. Sometimes, you can also get these boxes customized. Customizations may be done for size, layout, design and theme. This will definitely bring in good deal of gratification in you to locate that which you have desired for your loved one.

Packing Different Matters:

Well, besides presents, you may also need to pack huge amounts of other things. Consequently, you may expect to discover different kinds of packaging boxes, too. These boxes are available in various designs and sizes. Most of them are beautifully decorated and printed. It is also possible to find printed things from the boxes. Consequently, you may expect to find nearly every layout you want. Aside from the readymade boxes, then you can also pre-order the boxes. These boxes will be printed and made in different ways you want.

Many Companies Available:

Today, there are large numbers of companies available that could help in fulfilling your requirements. These companies can print wide types of layouts and styles to the boxes and in almost any other things which you want. As a result, aside from devoting some things may also be used for your own benefit. These companies use some of the most innovative technologies for attracting about digitalized and personal computer prints. Modern tools are also used to guarantee a balance between contemporary and traditional designs.

Therefore, in case you have never bought these boxes it’s high time that you just give a go. These are really wonderful items that could make you totally suited to the prints. It will print your fantasies to the boxes, because you can virtually receive any layouts you want in such boxes. In the recent years, the popularity of those boxes has risen to a huge extent. Hence, you will never have any problem from the accessibility. Carry a comprehensive study so that you are able to access the best. Uy Donation Boxes and packaging boxes from Fanta Offset Printing firm. We’ve got great choice.

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” The Difference Between Socialized Medicine Along With The U.S. Healthcare Reform

Battling Parkinson’s Disease with glutathione “

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Pack the Gifts

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Gifts for Film and TV Lovers 2017: Entertainment Holiday Gift Guide

Thrillist Entertainment Gift Guide

Nick Thackray for Thrillist

D o not bother counting the shopping times until Christmas — you had the perfect gift yesterday. ‘Tis your right time for you to look for “the finest presents for him” and “the finest presents for her,” hoping to land onto a gift guide that’ll somehow understand your loved one much better than you do.

C’mon! The holiday season doesn’t have to feel like one, long eggnog hassle. What did she diligently binge watch this year? What film did he have to check out in theaters? You see where it’s about: Pop culture obsessions will be the secrets to finding the perfect presents this Christmas, what from the pragmatic to this totally superfluous into the stocking stuffer throwaway you end up using for the subsequent 20 years. Whether you are buying for fanatical in need of a new coat, fanatic that skateboards on the facet, theory-hunter looking to kill time between seasons, or someone in need of a good book, Thrillist has you covered. Here are seven gift guides best that’ll score big with the giftee this past year. We all know you can do better than a card.   (Click through each picture for full gift guide)

Recommended Video


Here ‘Stranger Things’ Theory Means Trouble for Everybody
Nick Thackray for Thrillist

A longyears ago, in a galaxy you call home, the film Star Wars forever changed the lives of countless generations, for example somebody who you owe a gift this holiday season. Together with The Last Jedi on the horizon, Star Wars materialism is once more on the rise. Overwhelmed? Recall Yoda’s words : “Fear is the path to the dark side… fear leads to anger… anger leads to hate… hate leads to suffering” Don’t be mad, don’t be hateful, and certainly don’t suffer. We have sifted through Star Wars clothes toys, Last Jedi homework studying, and everyday household items which seem like lightsabers to build a set of presents worthy of Jabba’s palace. To quote Yoda once again: “Do or do not. There’s absolutely not any try.”

Nick Thackray for Thrillist

If you wish to impress the Thrones-buff in your life, or wish to get a newbie hooked, look no further than this selection of Kingdom-inspired goods, from novels to dragon eggs into a door stop (“HODOR!”) You never knew you wanted until now. These will be the best   Game of Thrones gifts money can purchase.

Nick Thackray for Thrillist

However, what do I purchase The Walking Dead enthusiast in my life? You wonder since the doomsday clock counts down and the zombie appetite (for presents) grows. We have great news: Besides all of the merch AMC pushes throughout the holiday season, you will find tons of less obvious gems that’ll amuse your post-apocalyptic. Contemplate these  collectibles, tchotchkes, and TV-watching companions.

Nick Thackray for Thrillist

About the 12th day of Christmas, a diehard  Stranger Thingsenthusiast gave to me  12 Demogorgons demogorging, 11 psychics psychicing, 10 Barbs a-screaming, nine Hawkins lab goons, eight minute a-slobbering, seven wide-eyed Joyces, six nail bats a-swinging, five gold Eggos, four bike-riding D&D gamers, three hormonal teens, two government conspiracies, along with also a shadow monster in an Upside Down shrub.   In all honesty, not one of these were really great presents, so consider our listing of Stranger Things… things. They’re not so much strange as perfect. Perfect Things.

Nick Thackray for Thrillist

Together with the mega success of , the breakouts of lesser-knownadaptations, along with the forthcoming series , that will mine multiple King novels for inspiration, there’s never been a better time to be an obsessive reader of America’s most popular living horror author. Many obsessives possess the majority of the famously prolific novelist’s back catalog, so we’re digging a bit deeper for something creepy to get your IT-adoring noob along with also the Dreamcatcher-protecting diehard in your life. These are the finest Stephen King presents money can purchase.

Nick Thackray for Thrillist

If your giftee is somebody whose favorite Christmas film is a marathon of all eight Harry Potter movies, that has definitely sorted the personalities of their favorite TV series into Hogwarts homes, and that will rattle off every one of Albus Dumbledore’s center names at the fall of a sorting hat (“Percival Wulfrick Brian,” for the album), keep reading to get a collection of the most advanced, unique, and intriguing Potter-related gifts that’ll wow them win favor for future alliances. There are just a lot of neckties in Hufflepuff colours a individual can possess, and commemorative sculptures of Dobby the House Elf don’t totally net with most modern decor, so here are a few off-the-Marauder’s-Map selections.

Cole Saladino for Thrillist

Since you rack your brain trying to think of the perfect gift for everybody on your holiday shopping list, it is important to not forget that in our technology-driven Earth, there is no substitute for a good book. Here are our favorite titles released in 2017 — you are sure to find something for everybody.

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Gifts for Film and TV Lovers 2017: Entertainment Holiday Gift Guide

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Personalized knife gift for groomsmen by personalmemoriesinc, classic knife gift collection, 25 unique customized knives ideas on knivesand knife present collection at low prices askari shop, collection of 6 groomsman gifts groomsmen knives presents for usher

Knife gift – 28 graphics – 25 unique custom knives thoughts on knives, knife gift collection knifewarehouse, pocket knife wedding favor engraved pocket knives gift, classic knife gift set, knife gift collection at low costs askari shop

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Eagle scout gifts are they appropriate if so that, eagle scout gift etsy, eagle scout grandparents fridge magnet great gift for, eagle scout gifts, things very similar to eagle scout spot court of honor gift

Gift for an eagle re – 28 graphics – eagle scout grandparents refrigerator magnet great gift for, items very similar to eagle scout patch courtroom of honor gift, printable boy scout oath printing daddy of honor oath, 25 best thoughts about eagle scout ceremony on, big eagle scout gift with personalized engraved plate

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the Pet Gift Ideas, Pets Gifts for Pet / Pet Lover

  • SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box

  • Read More

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    A Very Foodie Gift Guide | Top 15 Specific Gifts for Your Favorite Foodies

    This Foodie Gift Guide is a sponsored article written on behalf of Uncommon Goods. All opinions are 100% mine and all of the presents were chosen by me.

    Hey men! How is your vacation season coming along? Feeling ready? I understand, it is only the beginning of December, however when I do not have at least 70 percent of what done by now, I am probably in the weeds. We went Alaska Christmas tree searching last week (and by that I mean we went outside into the woods, found one who did not seem like Charlie Brown’s and trim that bad boy down), our decorating is done and most of my shopping will be finished. The only people left on my list are all people I have literally no clue what to buy for them.

    Does this happen to you, also? I hate fretting about gift cards but some folks are extremely tough! No worries (and no gift cards) this season however, my buddies, I have brought reinforcements! I have partnered with Uncommon Goods to bring you some excellent gift suggestions. When you haven’t heard of Uncommon Goods before, they are a really wonderful firm. Not only can they provide fun and special things for any specific situation, but they also operate to offer environmentally friendly goods AND they donate $1 to a charity of your picking every single time you test out with them. They have given over $1,000,000 since beginning the app! How amazing is that?

    Oh! And UG has a fresh new new Gift Finder called Sunny and you want to check out him! Just give him some info about the person who you’re looking for and he will give you loads of excellent, unique thoughts. Or you can do exactly what I did, and input information about your self and find out each the items that you never knew you needed, but crap, now you actually desire them. #yourewelcome

    The other thing I have for you today is that this curated listing from yours truly that contains so many enjoyable, fantastic presents for your favorite foodie (and hey, if that is you, then send this list to someone who loves you and they can use it to get you something amazing!) .

    Hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!

    A Very Foodie Gift Guide:

    All things can be found at Uncommon Goods.

    1. Customizable Cookie Stamp — This cookie stamp is able to make your biscuits say anything you desire. Names, dates, and use your imagination. You can find these as a gift, or buy it for yourself so that you are able to make cookie presents.   Customizable Cookie Stamp
    2. Herb and Spice Food Pairing Towel Set — These towels are cute, but they are also very handy, particularly for a aspiring cook. There’s a wine pairing towel put on UG too.   Herb & Spice Food Pairing Towel Set
    3. My Family Cookbook — This is among my favorites on this list. The publication itself is a beautiful hardback, however this is such a perfect way to keep your families recipes. It might make such a nice gift for mom or grandmother to pass down. It would also be a fantastic gift for a new married couple (with some family recipes added in, naturally!)   My Family Cookbook
    4. Cheese and Crackers Serving Board — How cute is that? Annually for New Year’s Eve, my husband and I always have an aide celebration for two and we always make a cheese board, but I usually just place everything on a cutting board because I do not have anything cute like that (and perhaps your foodie loved one doesn’t either). So fun.     Cheese & Crackers Serving Board
    5. Slate State (or USA) Cheese Boards — Ok, so an additional cheese board (because perhaps I need two? I actually heart cheese) . As someone who moves around a lot, I love using things across that remind me of places I have lived and loved and that could be a really fun thing for it. State Slate Cheese Boards
    6. Dog Egg Mold — I demonstrated this to my kid and she requested when we can make puppy eggs. A fun gift for a pet owner (they have kitty ones, also!) .  Dog Egg Mold
    7. Cheese Complimenting Honey Flight — These would make a excellent addition to any cheese board, includes ideas such as cheese pairings for every honey. Any Foodie would adore it. And I might just need it.   Cheese Complementing Honey Flight
    8. Non-Electric Slow Cooker — This is SO amazing! Basically you employ your pot to warm the meals through (so you can even saute first unlike a regular slow cooker), then after it is completely warm, set the entire pot in the tote plus it slow cooks with no electricity! Seriously incredible.   Non-Electric Slow Cooker
    9. Hickory Smoked Olive Oil — The chances are deliciously endless… Hickory Smoked Olive Oil
    10. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden — So the word on the street is someone (not to mention names, however ME) who doesn’t have any sort of green thumb could certainly grow herbs in these super cute mason jars. NEED!  Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

    The article A Really Foodie Gift Guide | Top 15 Specific Gifts for the Favorite Foodies appeared on The Foodie and The Repair.

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    A Very Foodie Gift Guide | Top 15 Specific Gifts for Your Favorite Foodies

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    Crafts as presents, 30 craft ideas, delicious raw present food gift and craft ideas, craft for presents homeminecraft, 12 days of craft classes next edition

    Gift Ideas Craft

    gift Suggestions Art – find inspiration with crafts wall and

    gift Suggestions craft – Affordable craft gifts homeminecraft

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    gift Suggestions Art – Art gift ideas for mothers day family

    gift Suggestions Art – 21 recycling paper crafts and fabric Scents for

    gift Suggestions craft – delicious Raw gift food present and craft ideas

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    gift Suggestions Art – handmade crafts ideas to gifts family net guide

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    gift ideas Art – craftionary

    gift Suggestions Art – Timber crafts ideas to arts and crafts gift Thought

    gift Suggestions Art – crafty in crosby make it for so Art ideas

    gift Suggestions Art – 25 best Present ideas on simple

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