Gift Guide: 11 Stunning Gifts for Lovers of Architecture and Design

11 Gorgeous Gifts for the Architecture Buff

Dazzle designers, architects, and urban planning enthusiasts with these exceptional gifts.

Your loved one may study the structure of their favourite city with these magnificent channels from Chisel & Mouse. The three-dimensional piece can sit on a desk or hang on a wall, so showing off complex details of streets, parks, and even iconic architecture. Pick from maps of two metropolitan cities: London, Amsterdam, Chicago, New York, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Boston, and Venice.

Black: Architecture at Monochrome

This thick coffee table publication spotlights over 150 buildings–in 15th century stone homes in Portugal to contemporary houses in the Hollywood Hills–built entirely from black. It makes a gorgeous compendium of monochromatic architecture, and the stark cover seems imposing on any surface.

Let your architect friend tap into their internal Frank Lloyd Wright on this particular version of New York City’s Guggenheim Museum. The 208 Lego pieces snap together to create a 4-inch form of the iconic building, from the rotunda to the annex tower.

For those who like a small brain teaser and appreciate beautiful objects, this port mystery won’t disappoint. Six notched brass bars fit together to make the plan, but beware–it is harder to set up than it looks. When it is constructed, it makes a really magnificent desk thing.

Architects love pens. Update your beloved one’s age-old No. 2 with this beautiful brass pencil case, which keeps pointy tips sharp. The metal develops a patina as time passes, making this case look a lot more costly than it really is.

Tour New York’s most iconic landmarks on this miniature set. The eight-piece wooden set recreates the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Museum of Modern Art, and more–along with six cute wooden cab cabs. Great for New Yorkers, or those who simply enjoy NY.

Everyone having an eye for architecture and design deserves a beautiful spot to catch their thoughts. This notebook, from German company Leuchtturm, provides maximum freedom for the mind’s wanderings. Dotted pages make it easy to write, sketch, or draft, and while the lay-flat design provides a comfortable scribbling encounter. Chose from more than a dozen colorful covers, or stay with classic white or black.

Give your cherished architect a break from real-life arrangements with this beautiful high-design puzzle. The group includes 16 prisms created from hand-poured concrete, and which can be ordered as a constant surface in an endless number of means. Piece them together in a comfortable shape or create something entirely new.

Pencils and notebooks work good for drafting and designing, but if you need something more high tech, you can’t do better than Apple’s iPad Pro and accompanying Pencil. This stylus is precise enough to catch every nuance of your stroke, and there’s no detectable latency. It’s as if you’re drawing with an old-fashioned pencil and paper, but on a gorgeously sharp glass display.

Bridges: A History of the World’s Most Spectacular Spans

This 20th anniversary edition of Judith Dupree’s Bridges covers the world’s most magnificent structures, from China’s 102-mile Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge to the Millau Viaduct in France, in visual detail. In addition, the publication’s unique shape (it is 9.5 by 18.4 inches) makes it stand out on any coffee table.

Is it modern artwork? A miniature wooden structure? A high-intensity strategy game? It’s all three! Use the wooden cubes to construct a bridge throughout the board, at a game that’s a part chess, a part Tetris.

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Gift Guide: 11 Stunning Gifts for Lovers of Architecture and Design

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