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Preen Present Guide: 8 Neighborhood Gifts for Every Individual in Your Life


Having difficulty with your gift list for the holidays? Our weekly gift guide show  can allow you to figure out what it’s possible to get your beloved ones this coming year. From food to beauty and fashion, we are going to be covering all probable areas to make sure you’ve got the best choices. We will be posting gift guides till Christmas comes around so keep checking back for more!

We know it’s tough to think of particular gifts for all of your nearest and dearest, therefore at we took the freedom aided you put together still another shopping checklist. But this time, we’re going down to our roots to introduce you that we can truly say are made in the Philippines. Create Jose and Santa Rizal proud and purchase these things for:

…Your beauty queen momma: Pili Beauty Lipstick at Brick

SYF_Hot Pink Hoodie

Keep the beauty queen of your home glammed up by providing her a item that respects the health and nice. Pili Beauty and Wellness has a broad range of beauty and wellness products using the part of pili oil that can be seen at the Bicol region. The brand was set by organic agricultural urge, Rosalina S. Tan, to help promote the Bicol region and to help the natives that were ravaged by the natural disasters that struck the region. Their line of lipsticks are available in ten shades that with the Filipina skin tone is matched by . It is not you likely will! Available in .

…Your balikbayan younger sibling: Manila, Manila & Longer

Manila Manila and More

When you have cousins from abroad celebrating the holidays this is the perfect gift. is the most contemporary city guide that overseas tourists, and tourists of all the own country must possess. With visuals designed by Intense Studio, this city guide to the amazing Manila is not just informative, but can also be filled with eye candy from page to page. While they’re here thanks to this guide your cousins won’t operate out of places to go! Available in National Book Store and Powerbooks.

…Your sporty bestie: Support Your Friends Hot Pink Pullover

SYF_Hot Pink Hoodie

Let your bestie know how supportive you are of her driveway to become fit with this hot pink pullover from new local street wear brand, Support Your Friends. She will surely stand out if she wears this to her following spin class! Available .

…Your bed mind boyfriend: Fundamental Commodity Flour Sack Pillow

The beau won’t mind the extra 10 minutes you have to make him wait before your date when he sees (or feels) these pillows. The flour sack pillow out of Basic Commodity is such a statement piece for the bedroom. It provides you of sleeping on grandma’s extra pillows in the 16, that sense. The beau won’t mind waiting while he rests his head. Heck, turn 10! Available in The HUB in Escolta St. 

…The little children: BAD Cookies Choco Chunk

It is not just for the kids. It is for everyone that has a sweet tooth! Do not let the name faze you because these cookies are not bad in any respect! BAD Cookies are really great, you can not help but consume more. Their tastes arrive in matcha, choco chunk, chocnut, snickerdoodle, espresso chocolate, and oil. It is fine, hun. The children won’t know if you took a cookie or two. Available .

…Your buying friend: Habin PH Talia Slides in Navy


Your shopping friend won’t mind the walking when she is sporting these slides out of Habin PH. The insole of the slides and the liner are made out of vegan leather, so the fabric detail handmade in the shoe capital of the Philippines — Marikina, and are made of fabrics such as T’nalak, Yakan, and Inabel. Why not get you and your gal fitting slides? Available at Common Space at Alabang Town Center.

…Your night-out bro: Alacteca 24-Hour Infused White Sangria

It is time you select the toxin for the drinking bro this vacation season. Gift him with this 24-hour infused white sangria out of Alacteca, hand-crafted bottled cocktails delivered straight to your doorstep (or where it is you want it to be.) Combined with fresh produce, and homemade infusions made with high-quality liquor and syrups, it. Now, it beverages on you! Available

…Your school junior sister: Pellucid Specs in Andie

Your sis is going to be too cool in college wearing this fashionable specs out of Pellucid Specs. This new has you covered if you are searching for designs the are fit for the millennial that were younger. They also have an choice to upgrade the lenses to graded ones. Pellucid has sunglasses available to enhance your sister’s #OOTD for the approaching summer break. Available .

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Preen Present Guide: 8 Neighborhood Gifts for Every Individual in Your Life

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Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pets

Present Guide: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pets

Our pets are family, and we invest so: about $58 billion. That’s triple the amount a decade ago, says the American Pet Products Association. Why don’t you show your child a few love with Valentine’s Day puppy gifts?   Here are six ideas, from cheap to extravagant (but do not worry, online coupon codes afford the bark out of this splurge).

1st Row:

There’s nothing that a cat loves more (except you, or maybe not) than hunting. This play box is like kitty Whack-a-Mole, offering hours of fun chasing toys or even catnip treats in the pockets!

Pioneer Pet SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box— $24.99

Hayneedle Coupon Codes

OK, we have got to get a splurge in there. Because a dog can not put on a ring, then a collar is going to have to do. Bling it up! You’ll find plenty of designers are going to go to the dogs. Check out coupon codes for retailers like Neiman Marcus and get it for less.

Frida Small Pink Jeweled Leather Collar with Chain Lead— $450

Neiman Marcus Coupon Codes

2nd Row:

You can not take the chill however, you can continue to keep your friend like that sweet sweater.

Pup Crew Pink Striped Love Dog Sweater — $8.99

Petco Coupon Codes

So that your cat is the manager of the house. Give him his very own.

Kitty Mansions Bel Air Cat Tree — $179.99

PetSmart Coupon Codes

3rd Row:

There’s nothing that a doggie loves more (except one) than a good chew toy she can sink her teeth into. Following is a cute one for this season of love.

PUPPY Tail Waggers Chew with Heart Dog Toy — $6.99 Coupon Codes

As everything you buy your two-legged children, Pet beds have become as cute. This duplex lounger will spoil your pooch or even pussycat if that is even possible.

Pawslife™ Pet Canopy Bed— $29.99

Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon Codes

Your furry friend might not know it’s Valentine’s Day, but she or he will love an extra treat, and you’re going to enjoy a little’ gratitude.

Just click here to  view all Gift Guides.

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Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pets

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Present Thrift: 6 Things that Make Great Inexpensive Christmas and Holiday Gifts

holiday present. Should you splurge the handbag she actually wants (at a price you can afford) it won’t end up at the back of her closet and you will feel good about giving it all.

Below, a number of our favorite like-new gems everyone will fall in love with.

Soft Sweaters

“You simply can’t fail having gifting a sweater, especially when it’s $15 cashmere.” –Madeline, wakeUP with Madeline Host

The next best thing to re create a dog would be that a sweater just as soft as snow (but sooo much sexier). Soft and goodness is always valued throughout the cold-weather period. Find cable knits, V-necks, crews, and cardigans from Banana Republic, Gap, and J.Crew.

Seasonal Scarves

“Scarves create the best presents. My favorites are Old Navy, Gap, and J.Crew.” — Judee, thredUP Master Creator

Whether she’s feeling nice or knotty, give her something she can style her manner. Bonus points: In case you have another present to wrap to the person, look at tying it at a bow round a present box or using the scarf as wrapping.

Holiday Handbags and Wallets

“Palm-sized wallets are perfect stocking stuffers. Present a shiny or textured” — Lindsay

Unwrapping pocket or a designer bag is similar to finding the ticket at the chocolate bar. They create the great gifts that are pre-owned as you don’t have to worry about fit and sizing.   Other fun picks are gloves, hats, sunglasses, and mega-affordable scarves. One size fits all! Find the hottest fashions and trends they will love at around 90 percent off retail price.

“For me, there’s something extra special about finding a secondhand present. The items appear to jump out at you ‘OH. I’ve been waiting…’“– Kris

Joyful Jewelry

“Nothing makes her glow during the holidays such as jewelry from just $ 6! And you can wrap this up in thredUP tissue paper” — Kathleen, thredUP Head Curator

A present of silver and gold can deliver music each time the box shakes. From easy hoops to statement tassel rings, thredUP’s style jewelry starts at only $5.99. Hello, stocking stuffers!

Kids’ Presents

Searching for your loved ones for a holiday present? Read our kids and infant clothing one-of-a-kind discovers you won’t see anyplace else. In the slightest , since kids grown out of clothing so fast, many of our things are barely worn. Locate Dresses,  dresses, denim, and much more from your favourite kids’ brands: Gap, Crewcuts, Hanna Andersson, Gymboree !

New with Tags

Secondhand doesn’t always mean formerly used or worn. 15% of all the things on thredUP have been   new  with all the labels still on. Nobody will know you got that Kate Spade New York wallet at 70 percent off. Go on, we won’t tell. Just click on the New with Tags box under the Price filter to discover all our new stone.

Tell us about of your present finds in the comments below!

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Present Thrift: 6 Things that Make Great Inexpensive Christmas and Holiday Gifts

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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Gifts

Wondering which personalized gift to purchase this Christmas? We’ve put collectively twenty of our most well-known products in this children’ gift manual, from long distance favorites to some of our new releases. This is more than a kid’s book gift manual–we’ve included gift collections for creative drama, a fresh customized board game for the whole family and, naturally, beautifully-illustrated customized books to create your kid’s holiday season even more magical as it actually is!   Therefore, without further ado, here ’s I See children’ gift manual for 2017!

My Christmas Book

Santa and his elves are decorating their Christmas tree by spelling out the name of their kid who best represents the spirit of Christmas in a brand new personalized book for 2017. Every letter is delivered to the tree one of Santa’s vacation buddies, and at the end they gather around the tree to light up your kid&rsquo. Contain your child’s middle , , and last name, their birthdate, and also their home town, and choose a mild, medium or dark skin tone for Santa.

Race through the State’s Personalized Board Gamekids race across the state game

Christmas is a time to gather the family on a great deal of fun and a board game for some friendly competition. is a brand new personalized board game that puts your loved ones right on the board! Personalize up to six board game bits together with your loved ones’s race to see who will travel around America to a game board that includes your loved ones & rsquo; s names in the artwork and faces! Race through the States, A distinctively keepsake will create lasting family members.

My Night Before Christmas Personalized Book

How can we perhaps make Clement Clarke Moore’s classic ‘Twas the Night before Christmas any more magical? Why, by putting your kid right! is really a beautifully-illustrated storybook with your child taking on the role of Moore’s narrator. Reading My Night Before Christmas can develop into a cherished Christmas Eve bedtime tradition, particularly as your kid’s title is obviously on Santa’s Nice record! Our includes the book, a Santa-themed personalized placemat, plus a personalized photograph decoration of your kid.

Goodnight Little Me Storybookgoodnight little me gift

Produce a relaxing bedtime ritual using all the, exemplified from the award-winning Mary GrandPrè. A fantastic night parade of sheep that is sleepy, hooting owls parade from this book & rsquo; s webpages and straight into your individual & rsquo, and chirping crickets;s sweet fantasies since they spell out your kid&rsquo. This gentle lullaby is a wonderful way for children to unwind at the end of a busy day.

My Own Trucks

Got a kid who enjoys everything that runs on wheels? presents a convoy of trucks and construction supplies to spell out your kid’s title, using a pleasant encyclopedia of vehicles at the rear of the book. For an extra treat, pick the, that comprises a personalized placemat and set of stickers in addition to this hardcover book.

My Name

A continuous favorite among our clients, celebrates your kid’s name. Rhyming creatures draw the letters of rsquo & their child;s first and last name–frog brings on the F, the ladybug brings the L, etc. My Name is perfect for pre-readers, who will learn how to spot the letters of the name and associate letters with all the various animals.

My Very Own Fairy Tale

Can the little girl in your lifetime dream of fairies at the bottom of the backyard? Show her how special she is using a personalized book where the blossom and berry fairies crown her very own fairy princess! The fairies describe, as they spell out their princess & rsquo; s title.

Give your unique princess something additional with all the, that comprises a coloring book based on the storybook plus a pretty blossom fairy wand for imaginative play.

We Go Together Like …

Commemorate youth friendship with, a customized book made especially for two particular readers. Each book celebrates the unique bond sisters, brothers, and friends discuss, with the duo compared to popular word pairs such as peanut butter and jelly, along with sun and rainbows. You can personalize the gender, skin tone, and hair colour of each kid. Give each child for a lifelong remembrance of the adventures a copy of the book!

ABC Everything I Could Be!

A kid can behold a bundle of potential. Can she be a firefighter or a physician? An astronaut or even a hairdresser? Beautiful animation animals demonstrate a different career for each letter of the alphabet in our. Your kid’s name appears on every page–in the physician’s flat, football player’s jerseys office door, and a number of other locations!

My Very Merry Christmas Board Book Gift Set

A Christmas story for younger children, the Gift Collection tells the story of the way the creatures deliver a special note about your kid to Santa and decorate a Christmas tree with the kid’s title. The gift set includes a customized Christmas coloring book and photograph decoration.

Princess Personalized Book

Developed for the little princess in your own life, our describes a day in the life span of a princess whose name, skin tone, hair colour, and birthday are strangely familiar! Why she comes from the same home town as your princess–do you think there might be some connection?

My Magical Snowman Personalized Coloring Book

The forest critters come together to create a snowman in–a snowman who comes to life with a special message just for your youngster. This activity book, more than just a coloring book includes fitting a maze, and counting games. The book has room for a dedication that is printed, and can be printed on white paper for coloring results.

My Farm Friends

Among the most popular of our many board publications, enables you to upload an image of your kid’s face, which then appears in each vibrant distribute on the book. Your farmer will love watching himself play in the pigpen, gather eggs and ride horses. Like all our board publications, My Farm Friends has durable, thick webpages for exploring little hands.

Who Makes Me?

Love is the first gift you give your kid, and it’s the only they’ll cherish the longest. In our customized Publication, the child finds all the family members and friends who love her and how much love they have for her. This lullaby offers six spreads to record.

Hello World!

Do you know a family that’ll welcome a new baby this holiday season? Our will delight parents and children alike, and that makes a unique heirloom gift any child will treasure for years to come.

My Sing-Along Book using Personalized Music

What could be more fun for a kid than being the star of their very own book? How about hearing his own name? incorporates personalized lyrics for twelve classic children’s songs, with your kid’s title featured in each tune. The book comes with a CD and MP3 download of these songs for hours of entertaining!

My Christmas Sing-Along Book and Songs

Inspired by the success of My Sing-Along Book, we decided to make the holidays extra special using. Your kid’s title is inserted to nine fun carols, including “Deck the Halls,” “Jingle Bells,” & “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in this fun and festive book, that comes with a CD and Mp3 download of this personalized songs.

It’s Fancy to be Me

Educate your little girl about various cultures and individuals with all the. As your little girl jets all over the globe, she dresses up in clothing representative of this nation she’s seeing and learns a bit. The drawing of your little girl could be customized to match her hair colour and skin tone. In the close of the bookshe finds the most fancy thing to be is herself.

I Will Change the World

Give your child the gift of self-esteem together with all the. He can be small, but your little one could help to change the world in a variety of ways–being a fantastic friend, doing actions, more, and even using good manners. The book makes it possible to develop your kid ’s willingnesss important all year around!

My Little Book of Blessings

The winter holidays are a great time to remind your little among the many blessings, no matter what your religion. The contains ten simple, sweet blessings regarding friendship, friendship, and loving one another, all personalized with your kid’s name.

The Super, Unbelievable Big Sister of Twins

Getting the huge sister of twins could be somewhat overwhelming. Show your old daughter you understand she’s’ll be the best big sister ever with book, which comprises a shiny award for being a super sibling ( is also available).

My Own Pirate Tale

Head for the high seas and adventure with My Own Pirate Tale. A range of amazing sea creatures deliver your kid & rsquo’s letters;s title to a captain looking for a mate that is bold. The monsters do a good job that by the end of the narrative, your buccaneer is made an honorary pirate captain. You can select the book alone, or give the, that comprises a personalized pirate’s bandana for your little swashbuckler to wear on his next adventure.

1-2-3 Blast Away with Me!

Countdown to outer space adventure with Upload an image of your kid’s confront, and then we’ll turn her to an astronaut in this delightful, sturdy board book. She’ll come to be a deep seated diver, a firefighter, along with other professions as she learns her numbers and colors.

A Christmas Bear for Me

is possibly our most-loved Christmas book. This storybook tells the story of Santa brings your kid a beautiful teddy bear. The book includes a six-inch Gund bear who matches the bear in the book, which makes the story even more private for your child. In addition, we supply, in which the child receives her distinctive bear on the day of this vacation.

Locate Me! Personalized Seek-and-Find Book

Rounding out our children’ gift manual is that our. We’ll hide up in eleven energetic pages of objects, in addition to concealing say title, street address, and his school name throughout the book. Each page offers its own challenges for hours of mind-bending entertaining!

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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Gifts

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$2,500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway + EVERYONE Gets a Box Full of Baby Gifts!

You are here: // $2,500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway + EVERYONE Requires a Box Full of Baby Gifts!

Please note: This post comprises affiliate links. and Make a

  • You should receive an email in a few days with instructions on how to redeem your free deal
  • The free puzzle box of baby equipment will be shipped from Amazon.

    Let us know what you get!

    We ask that you join almost 200,000 intelligent, honest, fun-loving, bargain-hunting shoppers enjoy your self on our Facebook Page and Free Stuff collection! Nobody can, if we can’t get it totally free! We have only one rule: be fine (and also have fun!)

    © Copyright, L.L.C. Links may contain content that is sponsored. We are on no account connected with any of the companies shared on this site. All trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. Please be sure that you examine our privacy policy, terms of service and disclaimer before using the site. We’re a participant from the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate marketing program designed to offer a means for us to earn fees by connecting to and affiliated sites.

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    $2,500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway + EVERYONE Gets a Box Full of Baby Gifts!

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