Shelter Lets Their Animals Pick Out Gifts From Under The Tree For Christmas

If you’re not already in the Christmas spirit, here is something that will undoubtedly get you pumped for the festive season. Shelter pets were given a chance to pick out their Christmas presents from underneath a giant Christmas tree – and their reactions are just too pure it’ll warm your heart to the core.

Stephanie Filer, manager of special gifts and partnerships for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL-Iowa), told The Dodo that it’s like “seeing kids on Christmas morning after Santa has made his deliveries.”

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

All the gifts came as donations from the community for ARL-Iowa’s annual “Tree of Life” program – an event that brings in pet food, supplies, and toys in order to last the shelter several months into the coming year.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Five dogs and four cats got the chance to choose their gifts from among the massive pile of goodies.

Filer says watching the animals’ selection process was almost as much fun as watching them enjoy their toys afterward.

And each animal had a different strategy.

While some grabbed the first item they say, others sniffed around a bit before making a choice. And there was one dog, Boss, who was so excited about all the attention he was receiving, he didn’t actually play with his toy until he was back in his kennel.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

And the cats?

As Filer says, they mostly “enjoyed playing ON the donated items.”

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

And all except one of these excited animals got the best gift this Christmas season: a loving forever home!

There’s one guy who was left behind – a sweet young kitten named Frank. Poor little Frank is still waiting for his Christmas miracle.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

If you are interested in adopting Frank, here is Frank’s adoption listing. And if you can’t adopt, here’s how to donate to ARL-Iowa in order to still be able to give something to the animals’ welfare this Christmas.

Shelter Pets Pick Out Toys From Under the Tree

CHECK THIS OUT! It’s not quite Christmas yet, but we let some of our adoptable cats and dogs pick out a toy from our Tree of Life to take back to their kennel a few days early- and they loved it! You can donate to our Tree of Life through the end of the month, but what these babes are really wishing for is a new home – so adopt today!Wish List: Pets: Jango, Snoop, Hemi, Boss, and Luanne have all been adopted!)

Posted by Animal Rescue League of Iowa on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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Photo of sleeping boy contains ‘huge red flag’ revealing surprise cause of his naughty behaviour – Cambridgeshire Live

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An innocent-looking photo of a sleeping little boy has been revealed to contain a surprising clue about the cause of his naughty behaviour.

Mum Melody Yazdani posted the picture of her son Kian on Facebook when she noticed it, wanting to help other parents as it would “change their lives”, the Mirror reported.

She wrote how Kian’s behaviour started to get worse last year, until one simple clue showed her what was really wrong.

Her Facebook post reads: “All parents. If you have a child, I’m going to tell you something you need to know that you have probably never heard. And please share this.

“There is a huge red flag in the picture I am sharing with this story. Do you see it?”

The mum explained how last year her son, Kian, who is now eight years old, started getting behaviour reports at school.

He had not had any problems in Kindergarten and was always “intelligent, feisty and extremely active,” so Melody was surprised when Kian’s teacher told her he was pushing other children and “having a hard time controlling his body”.

With new systems in place at school, his behaviour improved – but at home it got worse, with meltdowns over little things.

“Every morning it’s tantrum after tantrum, before we even got out of bed,” she said. “Hitting and throwing things, and the screaming. All the screaming. Starting at 5am every morning.

“We were at a loss – how did he become this way, what could we have done different?”

Kian started to see a therapist, who recommended ADHD testing.

What the picture shows

‘Lightning struck’ when Melody found an article linking ADHD to sleep disordered breathing and mouth breathing.

The red flag in Melody’s photograph is that Kian’s mouth is open while he sleeps.

She wrote: “CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BREATHE THROUGH THEIR MOUTHS. Not while awake, not while asleep. Never.

“Mouth breathing is NOT NORMAL and has long term consequences for health. I’ll repeat, because this is important – MOUTH BREATHING IS NOT NORMAL, NOT DURING THE DAY OR AT NIGHT.

“When a child breathes through their mouth, their brain (and body) is not getting enough oxygen. At night, this lowered oxygen saturation is detrimental to the quality of sleep and their brain’s ability to get enough rest.”

Melody listed other problems mouth breathing can cause before explaining that sleep deprivation in children and ADHD exhibit ‘the exact same symptoms’.

She claims studies with medicated ADHD kids, where their sleep disordered breathing had been fixed, showed improvement in symptoms and within six months 70% of the children were no longer medicated.

Read More

“As in, their ADHD was cured. Because it wasn’t ADHD. In 70% of children. Let that sink in,” she wrote.

Kian was diagnosed with sleep apnea and sinusitis.

“He got exactly 0 minutes of REM sleep during the first study, and oxygen saturation in the low 80%, and his sinuses were 90% blocked,” Melody explained.

“We had no idea that Kian had a headache daily, but it was just his normal so he never thought to tell us.”

The mum noticed an “immediate change” when Kian’s tonsils and adenoids were removed, breathing through his nose when he came out of surgery.

“We have seen a complete 180 in behavior (sic)”, she wrote. “No more angry tantrums, no more fixation on little things, it’s been an enormous change.

“Here’s why I am sharing: No one, in my 12 years of parenting, ever told me any of this.

“All the signs were there, right in front of our eyes, and I had no clue.”

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Deer Family Makes Surprise Visit To Colorado General Store – The Dodo

“They were just looking in the doorway like, ‘Can we can be found in too?’ I said, ‘No.'”

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Shock! Kevin Hart gifts 6 Philly youngsters college scholarships

Six Philly trainees received the surprise of a life time Monday night when comedian and actor Kevin Hart revealed he was giving them some help with university expenses.That is, the Philly native informed them he and also the United Negro College Fund will set out $600,000 to aid the trainees– and 12 others from around the country– recognize their imagine going to college.The six pupils are Jada Taylor, Alexys Smith, Marjani Walton, Willie

Smalls, Wayne Fuller, as well as Casey Adams. All graduated from KIPP Philly charter schools.The Hart scholarship– a partnership between the comic’s charity, KIPP, and also the UNCF– was

granted based upon pupils’academic as well as individual achievements as well as might be renewed.Each honoree will participate in a traditionally black college. Taylor will enlist in Clark Atlanta University in the autumn; Smith as well as Walton will examine

at Lincoln University; Smalls and Richer will certainly attend Morehouse University; and Adams will soon start research studies at Spelman College.”Education and also knowledge are effective,”Hart stated in a statement.”I just intended to do my part in giving chances for our future leaders, especially from my Philly hometown, as well as reveal support for HBCUs. This is just the start; believe me when I inform you there are a whole lot more youngsters that intend to go to college who don’t have the cash to make it occur.”The news, made in Los Angeles, was a closely held trick. Hart, who grew up in North Philly and also graduated in 1997 from George Washington High School, wanted to supply the information to the trainees face to face,

authorities said.The scholarships are not Hart’s very first gift to UNCF. In 2015, he contributed $100,000 to

support 4 students’college education and learning. Michael L. Lomax, UNCF president, said that Hart’s present will certainly sustain not simply pupils, yet traditionally black institution of higher learnings.”Research study shows that HBCUs issue, and that HBCU trainees are having a positive college experience, yet they additionally have an unmet financial requirement,”Lomax claimed in a statement.”Together, Kevin and also KIPP have actually made a financial investment that will certainly have a considerable influence.”< time datetime ="Mon Aug 06 18:33:00 PDT 2018"pubdate > August 7, 2018– 5:22 AM EDT Neighborhood Standards Visit or Sign Up

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Melania Trump makes surprise visit to border facilities

McAllen, Texas (CNN) Very first lady Melania Trump touched down in McAllen, Texas, Thursday making an openly unannounced and quickly planned trip to get a first-hand check out the crisis influencing immigrant family members at the US border.

“I intend to thank you for your effort, your empathy and your compassion,” the very first lady stated at a roundtable instruction at Upbring New Hope, with physicians and clinical team, social employees and various other experts available.

Melania Trump comes to be the very first Trump member of the family to directly witness the circumstance that has caught the country’s attention over the past several weeks.

“She intends to see what’s actual,” claimed the initial lady’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told CNN throughout a 10-minute press rundown en route to Texas. “She wanted to see as near what she had actually been seeing on TV. She wants to see a practical view of what’s happening.”

Melania Trump assisted convince Head of state to deal with family splittings up

The initial girl’s check out comes someday after President Donald Trump authorized an executive order to cease his very own administration’s separation method that has actually caused considerable objection as well as consternation. Previously the President had firmly insisted Congress required to act to quit the method, yet then turned around that claim.Trump’s initial stop in Texas is the Upbring New Hope Children’s Facility, part of Lutheran Social Services of the South, additionally in McAllen, Texas, a division of wellness as well as human services-overseen center.

She was greeted by Upbring Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kirk Senske, that detailed Upbring’s five markers of success: safety and security, life skills, health, education and learning as well as vocation. The center below opened in 2014 as well as there are presently 58 children aged 12-17.

“We’re recognized to show you our sanctuary,” Senske told Trump. “We treat them like our own youngsters.”

During the roundtable, Trump asked numerous concerns consisting of the number of times the kids speak with their households. She was informed twice a week, but the official noted that there is a procedure to confirm that the persons they are connecting with are their families.She also asked

what sort of physical and mental wellness the youngsters concern the center in.The youngsters are “normally anxious” when they show up, Trump was informed, but “when they see the setting they start relaxing.”

Upon arrival, basic needs are looked after– showers, clothing, food.

“The first 24 hr are crucial,” she was informed.

A management authorities rundown journalism prior to the check out stated the majority of youngsters at an HHS-funded as well as controlled facility such as this set remain there for around 58 days, receiving clinical, oral, vision and also psychological treatment, along with what the official called the capacity to be inside a “risk-free and also delighted atmosphere.”

The official emphasized the primary mission at this phase of the process for unaccompanied kids, is to place them back with proper sponsors. Those sponsors can be their moms and dads, if the parents are not involved in the judicial or criminal procedure or they can be various other approved relative currently living inside the USA.

Trump turns around program, signs order to keep families with each other

If neither of those alternatives are feasible, which holds true in about 10% of the unaccompanied kids, then they are put with vetted foster family members or volunteers.

Performing or commenting from the sidelines apparently was not nearly enough for Trump, who less than two days ago notified her staff– and also her partner, the President of the United States– that she had determined she needed to see for herself the household intake and also unaccompanied kids facilities.

The facilities have almost controlled the information for days on end, causing heated political battles from the White House to Capitol Hill, ricocheting around the globe in an outcry of disbelief and consternation.

” ‘I’m headed down to Texas,'” is what Grisham claimed the very first lady informed her hubby, and also “he was helpful.”

Grisham confirmed the journey would have taken place whether the Head of state signed an executive order on Wednesday.

“This was 100% her concept,” stated Grisham of Trump’s choice to take a trip to McAllen, making clear the very first lady is out a mission appointed by the President nor is she acting as his emissary. “She wished to boil down.”

The initial girl means to inform the President on what she sees.

Melania Trump weighs in on immigration

Melania Trump weighs in on immigration”She will certainly continue to update her other half, “claimed Grisham, validating what was reported initially yesterday by CNN, that the very first girl had been proactively lobbying the head of state behind the scenes, encouraging him to stop the separation of kids as swiftly as possible, either by means of legislative process or exec power.

The latter was inevitably the course Trump chose, in a sensational turnaround of his previous unsupported claims.

“Similar to a numerous topics she will continue to provide her husband her point of views,” Grisham said.Like the majority of the

nation, the initial lady has actually been seeing media reports regarding kids extracted from their moms and dads and placed in holding facilities.

It is vague what, exactly, Trump means to achieve from this see to Texas, outside of seeing firsthand what is taking place today in America.

Given that coming to be initial lady, Trump has actually said she wants to promote assisting youngsters, yet has actually been for the most part obscure concerning exactly how exactly she means to complete her objective. In Might, Trump introduced her “Be Finest” system, which outlined 3 predominant opportunities of focus: wellness and well being; kindness and also safety online; as well as highlighting the effects of the opioid dilemma on kids and families.

CNN’s Betsy Klein added to this report.

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Students Dismiss Idea of Nobel Prize for Trump, Defend Obama’s But Don’t Know Why

Some students at the College of California, Santa Cruz, obliterated the idea of President Trump receiving the Nobel Tranquility Reward but safeguarded former President Barack Obama’s honor in 2009.

Campus Reform Media Supervisor Cabot Phillips talked to the students as well as discovered that some can not give a reason why Obama won the award less than a year into his initial term.The head of state

announced on Twitter Thursday that he as well as North Oriental leader Kim Jong Un will certainly satisfy in a historic top on June 12 in Singapore.The very anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will certainly occur in Singapore on June 12th. We will both try to make it a really special moment for World Peace!Trump also made the statement simply hrs after he invited residence 3 American detainees launched by North Korea’s resources, Pyongyang.”That’s a joke,” one trainee stated of the suggestion of President Trump receiving the award.”What has he done for peace?” “I feel like he simply believes that he should have

several awards and that’s simply dumb,”an additional student said.The pupils included that Obama deserved his honor, but can not inform Phillips what he

did to deserve it.”It’s not that these pupils are forgetting noticeable factors, there just wasn’t that much to take place to begin with,”Phillips said.Some have suggested that since President Trump’s advancement with Kim Jong Un, the possibility for denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula warrants the Nobel Peace Prize.Phillips claimed that if Obama had attained denuclearization, “they would certainly have already renamed the reward the

‘Obama Peace Prize.'”View more from”Fox & Pals “over.

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House Republicans nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

(CNN)A group of President Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters in the House of Representatives have sent a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, formally nominating the President for a Nobel Peace Prize.

The nomination was spearheaded by Indiana’s Rep. Luke Messer, who is locked in a fierce GOP primary battle in the Hoosier State for a Senate seat.

Trump’s high-stakes nuclear poker tactics on full display

In the letter, Messer and his Republican colleagues endorse Trump’s nomination by arguing that he deserves the award because of his work to end the Korean War and bring peace to the peninsula.

“Since taking office, President Trump has worked tirelessly to apply maximum pressure on North Korea to end its illicit weapons program and bring peace to the region,” the letter reads.

Joining Messer in the letter are conservative members like Freedom Caucus leader Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Rep. Steve King of Iowa. Six of the signatories are seeking higher office, including Rep. Marsha Blackburn, the presumptive Republican nominee for Senate in Tennessee; Rep. Diane Black, who is running for governor in Tennessee; Rep. Evan Jenkins, who is part of a three-way primary for Senate in West Virginia; Rep. Jim Renacci, who’s running for governor of Ohio; and Rep. Kevin Cramer, who is attempting to unseat Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota.

Trump deserves Nobel for role in talks with North, South Korea’s leader says

Noticeably absent from the letter is one of Messer’s primary opponents in Indiana, Rep. Todd Rokita. Former state Rep. Mike Braun is also seeking the Republican nomination to challenge incumbent Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly in what is considered one of the most competitive races in the country.

If Trump were to win the award, he’d be the fifth American president bestowed with the honor. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are all Nobel winners. During a raucous re-election rally in Michigan on Saturday, the crowd broke out into a chant of “Nobel, Nobel” while Trump was discussing his efforts in North Korea. Clearly enjoying the response, the President smiled and said, “Thank you, that is very nice.”

The White House did not immediately respond to the news of the nomination.

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Kids Make Heartbreaking Requests To Holiday Gift Donation Program

A non-profit’s holiday gift tag program includes some heartbreaking requests.

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