Kendrick Lamar Wins Pulitzer Prize for ‘Damn’ – Variety

Kendrick Lamar has won a Pulitzer Prize for music for his album “Damn.,” the organization announced Monday afternoon. It was the first win for a non-classical or jazz musician since the awards began including music some 75 years ago.

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Woman happened to have the patio door open during storm – steps back in and gets the surprise of her life

The odds of seeing a deer are pretty high if you live close to a forest. Just in my own neighborhood the other day, I saw one roaming around in a neighbor’s backyard.

A lot of people find deer to be a nuisance, claiming that the animals ruin their backyards by stomping on their plants and eating their grass and flowers.

Having said that, I think this story might melt even the coldest of hearts and can potentially make all angry backyard owners rethink their perceptions of deer.

Anyone who’s watched the movie Bambi knows how adorable a baby deer can be — but what if you were to encounter three of them?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to one womanafter accidentally leaving her backdoor open during a storm.

© Flickr/emdot

The woman, who calls herself on the online community Imgur, decided to share her adorable story with the internet.

She had left her backdoor open while preparing her house for a terrible storm that was on its way.

When the storm hit, she went out for a minute to take a peak and see if the orphaned white-tailed baby deer that she usually looks after were around. But they were nowhere to be found.

As she would soon discover, they were closer by than she had imagined.

© Public Domain Pictures

Animals are known for having a sixth sense when it comes to sensing when a storm or a natural disaster is on its way. Animal have much better hunched than human, according to AccuWeather.

They have the ability to sense changes in the air pressure and/or pick up sound frequencies that humans can’t hear.

This is why you see some dogs, elephants, horses and birds behave strangely just before a storm or another weather catastrophe is about to happen.

These little fawns were no exception.

© Imgur/Amscolie

When Amscolie went back inside she was stunned.

Somehow, these three little cuties had made their way into her house, without her even noticing.

Her backdoor was half open which meant they saw an opportunity to seek protection indoors — how smart is that?

© Imgur/Amscolie

“I raise orphaned wildlife. Recently, the back door was open as a storm was coming. The deer were nowhere to be found,” Amscolie explains. “I went inside, was heading to the front door, only to see them next to an end table in the living room. Told them they could sleep in the house for the night because it was going to be nasty.”

© Imgur/Amscolie

It’s clearly distressing for any pet owner or ‘animal mom’ to not know where their babies are when it’s horrible out, but luckily these little ones knew exactly what they had to do.

A happy ending to a scary situation — and the animals didn’t hold back in showing their gratitude, as you can see in the picture above.

© Imgur/Amscolie

Whether you’re a deer lover or not — I find it hard to imagine anyone would disagree with Amscolie when she writes: “How could you ever say no to a face like this?”, referring to the picture above.

Please share this adorable story with all your friends on Facebook.

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Nobel Peace Prize Goes To Denis Mukwege And Nadia Murad For Fighting Sexual Violence : NPR

Dr. Denis Mukwege (left), from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in 2014 and Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman from Iraq, in 2016 as they both address the European parliament in Strasbourg, France. The pair won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for their work to highlight and eliminate the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war. Christian Lutz/AP hide caption

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Christian Lutz/AP

Dr. Denis Mukwege (left), from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in 2014 and Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman from Iraq, in 2016 as they both address the European parliament in Strasbourg, France. The pair won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for their work to highlight and eliminate the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war.

Christian Lutz/AP

The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Dr. Denis Mukwege, a Congolese gynecologist, and Nadia Murad, a Yazidi survivor of rape and captivity by ISIS, for their contributions toward combating wartime sexual assault.

The prize was announced by the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo, Norway, on Friday morning. The committee praised the winners for being symbols in the fight to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.

Mukwege has treated victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for most of his adult life. He founded the Panzi Hospital, which supports survivors of sexual assault.

He practices medicine in eastern Congo, which has been called the “rape capital of the world” by U.N. officials. Nearly 50 women are raped there every hour, experts say. Mukwege has treated tens of thousands of women for rape since opening Panzi Hospital in the eastern Congo in 1999.

The hospital’s original mission was to curb maternal mortality rates. “But our first patient did not come to deliver a baby,” he said in a 2016 speech. “She had been raped with extreme violence.”

Mukwege developed a model of treatment that emphasizes both physical care and justice. The Panzi model’s five pillars are medical treatment, psychosocial therapy, socioeconomic support and training, community reintegration and legal assistance — a healing process that allows survivors to process physical, emotional and spiritual trauma.

Mukwege has received multiple threats for carrying out his work. As NPR reported in a 2016 profile of the doctor:

“In September 2012 he gave a speech decrying the horror of mass rape in Congo to the U.N. A month later, gunmen invaded his home and attempted to kill him, his wife and their two daughters. His guard intervened. During the ensuing shootout, the doctor and his family played dead. He left Congo shortly thereafter but the women of Eastern Congo sold their harvest to pay for his plane ticket home.”

“His basic principle is that justice is everyone’s business,” the committee said.

Murad herself is a victim of sexual war crimes.

She is a member of the Yazidi minority in northern Iraq and was taken captive by ISIS members who had launched an attack on her small village. She was held as a sex slave for three months before escaping from her captors. In 2016, she was named the U.N.’s first Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking.

Murad, who is in her mid-20s, has spoken extensively about her experience, despite the immense shame her culture associates with rape — many Yazidi survivors refuse to be named. As NPR has reported, health authorities administer so-called virginity tests to some Yazidi women who return from captivity. Officials say they’re voluntary and are done at the request of a victim or by the court, but some health groups call them traumatic and medically useless.

“She refused to accept the social codes that require women to remain silent and ashamed of the abuses to which they have been subjected,” the committee said.

This year, the committee wanted to send “a message of awareness that women who constitute half the population in most communities actually are used as a weapon of war,” said Berit Reiss-Andersen, chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, during a news conference.

Reiss-Andersen said that while wartime sexual assault and the #MeToo movement in general are significantly different, their goals share key elements: They both aim to acknowledge the abuses of women, eliminate the victim shaming and support women who speak out about their sexual assaults.

There were 331 candidates for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize, the second-highest number of candidates ever. The peace prize is the only Nobel Prize awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Last year’s prize was awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, or ICAN, a global organization seeking to “outlaw and eliminate all nuclear weapons” under international law.

The committee praised ICAN for drawing attention to “the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons.” The world’s nuclear powers have not committed to their treaty.

This year’s Nobel Prizes in medicine, physics and chemistry were announced by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences earlier this week. The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences will be awarded on Monday.

Nobel Peace Prize Goes To Denis Mukwege And Nadia Murad For Fighting Sexual Violence

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The favorite gift of every woman

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Silver jewels as gifts


Silver jewelry has always been fashionable. Given as a gift, silver ornaments can become treasured keepsakes. They also easily become talismans for their owners and are very hard to neglect. Once you decide that your gift to a loved one will be precisely a silver jewel, you will have to select it with care. Here are some factors that will influence the choice of the perfect silver jewel.

Watch out for the model. Sometimes it can be very hard to distinguish a male ring from a female one and the same goes for chains. It is unacceptable and even offensive to give a feminine jewel to a man. Consult the assistant at the jewelry shop if you are having doubts about the model. He or she will also be able to give advice on what is currently fashionable.


If you want to make a good impression with your gift, try to remember what kinds of jewels does the person you are trying to surprise has the most of. If the lady owns hundreds of rings, then give her a silver pendant. Strive to find such a jewel that will be unique in itself. Every woman will be able to appreciate a silver pendant set with some kind of gem. Whether the gem will be a precious stone or an artificially created crystal depends on your financial abilities and the preferences of the lady. If she is an artsy woman with a poetic soul give her a pendant with a large natural stone. If the lady is fashionable and a follower of current trends, a more suitable gift for her would be a silver set of crystal earrings.

When selecting jewelry for a man do not give into the temptation to buy something extravagant and impressive. Most men are quite modest and do not want to be remembered only for their massive rings.

And last but not least, consider what occasion are you buying the gift for. If you are going to a graduation party, an anniversary or another family event, buy a silver jewelry set. In all other cases a single ring or bracelet will do.

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8-Year-Old Girl Gets Gifts From Crows She’s Been Feeding For 4 Years

Many people leave out birdseed for feathered-friends in the neighborhood, although few get anything in return besides a lovely view of the birds, and a patio polluted with seeds.

Eight-year-old Gabi Mann from Seattle, Washington started feeding the crows in her family’s garden, and now this lucky little girl gets gifts from the crows.

Gabie keeps her gifts in specially labeled bags tucked safely inside a bead storage box.

After all, these are her most treasured possessions.

Her labels are detailed, for instance one containing a broken light bulb reads: “Black table by feeder. 2:30 p.m. 09 Nov 2014.”

Gabie has received all kinds of gifts from the crows, including Lego pieces, beads, buttons, paper clips and pieces of foam.

Her favorite gift of all is a pearl colored heart, she said, “It’s showing me how much they love me.”

Gabi started feeding the neighborhood crows by accident, as she was prone to dropping food.

She’d climb out of the car and a chicken nugget would fall off of her lap, prompting every crow on the block to circle in for a snack.

Gabi noticed and started rewarding the bird’s quick and hungry behavior, feeding them food scraps on her way to and from the bus stop with her brother.

It didn’t take long for the crows to learn who Gabi was and wait for her to get off the school bus each day.

The crows were consuming most of Gabi and her brother’s packed lunches, but Lisa, Gabi’s mother, didn’t mind one bit.

She said, “I like that they love the animals and are willing to share.”

It was a slow transformation, but soon the whole family became more interested in the crows.

By 2013, Gabie and her mother made offering food to the crows a daily habit.

The pair now spends each morning filling the backyard birdbath with new water and spreading out plenty of peanuts and dog food.

As they set up, the crows gather around and call out to them.

It was this routine that started the gift giving.

The crows consume all of the peanuts left out in the feeders and sporadically leave behind a treasured trinket in return, such as an earring, polished rock, or hinge.

Basically anything shiny and small enough to fit inside of a crow’s mouth has been found in the feeders.

Some of the gifts are truly incredible, like a piece of metal with the word “best” stamped on it.

Gabi finds it funny to think one of the crows is wearing the matching half that says “friend.”

Want your own gift-giving crow friends? John Marzluff, professor of wildlife science at the University of Washington advises, “If you want to form a bond with a crow, be consistent in rewarding them.”

Marzluff has conducted numerous studies on crows, and he has found humans and crows can form very meaningful relationships, although gifts are never guaranteed. Marzluff has never personally received a gift from a crow, but he has seen crows give items to others.

They are not always shiny trinkets though; sometimes gifts from crows can be a bit gory.

Marzluff said, “Some people, their presents are dead baby birds that the crow brings in.”

Gabi has received some disgusting gifts, one time her mother had to throw away a rotting crab claw left behind.

Gabi’s third favorite gift from the crows is a screw, although she prefers not to touch it she considers it a favorite because, “You don’t’ see a crow carrying around a screw that much. Unless it’s trying to build its house.”

Lisa’s favorite treasure gifted by the crows was her camera lens cap.

She had lost it in an alley near her home while capturing photos of a bald eagle.

Before she had a chance to go out and look for it, she found it sitting on the edge of the birdbath.

Lisa just had to know if it was really the bird’s that brought the cap back.

She logged onto her home computer and checked on the bird cam. Sure enough, “You can see it bringing it into the yard.

Walks it to the birdbath and actually spends time rinsing this lens cap.”

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Inside McCain’s surprise eulogy invitation to Obama

(CNN)A parting lesson in American civility from Sen. John McCain lies in the roster of leaders he personally selected to pay tribute at his memorial service Saturday at the National Cathedral.

It was a day in early April when Barack Obama received an unexpected call from McCain, who was battling brain cancer and said he had a blunt question to ask: Would you deliver one of the eulogies at my funeral?

Obama, who is responsible for extinguishing McCain’s second bid for the White House a decade ago, immediately answered that he would. He was taken aback by the request, aides say, as was George W. Bush, another former rival, who received a similar call from McCain this spring.

When the 43rd and 44th US presidents stand on the high altar of the soaring cathedral on Saturday, after the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” anthem is played, they will not only be celebrating the life of John Sidney McCain III. It will be McCain, too, having a not-so-subtle last word, aimed at another president he made clear he did not want to attend: Donald J. Trump.

While neither of the two former presidents were especially close to McCain in life, he and Bush were fellow Republicans, forged together for better or worse, through policy and party loyalty. After a deeply personal and vitriolic primary fight in 2000, McCain went on to endorse Bush and occasionally campaigned with him four years later.

John McCain was one reformer who relished the fight

But McCain’s decision to invite Obama to speak at his funeral stands out as far more extraordinary, given their brutal and bitter rivalry during the 2008 presidential race.

I had a daily ringside seat to their feud, covering the campaign for The New York Times, chronicling their fights over the Iraq war and, later, the economy. On those subjects, and many more, McCain viewed Obama as naïve and unprepared for the presidency. To be clear, those critiques lingered long after Obama won, particularly on matters of national security.

So, I’ve been wondering whether McCain and Obama had somehow developed an intimate relationship after Obama left office, if they had been having quiet conversations over the last year or two that haven’t been publicly discussed as McCain neared the end of his journey.

It turns out, after talking to several friends of both men this week, their relationship isn’t intimate at all, but rather one rooted in mutual respect and a shared sense of alarm at today’s caustic political climate. Their telephone call on that April day was first arranged by advisers, not McCain simply dialing up Obama as he would do with his legion of friends, a sign they were hardly tight.

In fact, the two have spoken by phone only a couple of times since Obama left the White House, aides to both men say, most notably last summer when Obama reached out after McCain cast the deciding vote to salvage the Affordable Care Act. He thanked him. The call was brief.

Obama has not been among the long parade of visitors who came to see McCain on his Arizona ranch as he fought brain cancer. George and Laura Bush dropped by not long ago, as did former Vice President Joe Biden, a close and longtime friend of McCain’s in the Senate, who will deliver a eulogy at a memorial service on Thursday in Arizona.

But McCain’s decision to ask Obama and Bush to eulogize him is part of a carefully choreographed — and, yes, even strategic — message for America and the world in the wake of his death. It’s also perhaps, one last opportunity for McCain to try and tamp down a fervor that first awoke in the Republican Party during his 2008 race and has swelled ever since.

‘A lesson in civility’

John McCain’s final message for the President

Steve Duprey, a longtime friend of McCain’s and a senior adviser in his 2008 campaign, said the senator respected Obama, even if the two were never particularly close and wounds from their race were raw for years.

“I think it is John McCain imparting a lesson in civility by asking the two men who defeated him to speak, as an example to America that differences in political views and contests shouldn’t be so important that we lose our common bonds and the civility that is, or used to be, a hallmark of American democracy,” Duprey said.

David Axelrod, a senior adviser to Obama in his campaigns and in the White House, said the clear message McCain is sending is “about our shared heritage, our shared trust of this democracy that transcends party and transcends tribe.”

“It really does animate his message of national unity,” Axelrod said. “There is a kind of poetry to it that he wanted his two erstwhile opponents to eulogize them.”

Even unspoken, the lesson also shines a light on McCain’s outward disdain for Trump and his presidency. And McCain hardly shied away from that in a farewell, posthumous message released on Monday in which he echoed his concession speech to Obama from a decade ago.

“Do not despair of our present difficulties but believe always in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here,” McCain wrote in the statement released after his death. “Americans never quit. We never surrender. We never hide from history. We make history.”

But as the remarkable story of McCain’s life has been replaying this week — his acts of wartime heroism and his admissions of congressional mistakes — it’s striking the degree to which the old quarrels seem almost charming in the era of Trump.

Burying the hatchet

Sen. McCain will be honored this week for five days in three cities

Not mincing words, as McCain rarely did, one of his friends explained it like this: Trump has made it far easier for McCain to bury the hatchet with Bush and Obama.

It was Obama, in particular, who got under McCain’s skin long before they faced off in the general election of the 2008 campaign. Their first skirmish happened two years earlier in the halls of the Senate, where McCain blasted Obama for “posturing” on one of his favorite issues: lobbying reform.

“I understand how important the opportunity to lead your party’s effort to exploit this issue must seem to a freshman senator, and I hold no hard feelings over your earlier disingenuousness,” McCain wrote in a searing and sarcastic letter to Obama.

I was thinking back to that clash this week, which ended three days later as McCain and Obama playfully cocked their fists and mugged for the cameras on Capitol Hill.

Those early dust-ups, of course, grew into full-blown fights on the campaign trail, when McCain aired his long-held observation that Obama was full of himself.

“I don’t seek the presidency on the presumption that I am blessed with such personal greatness,” McCain said one day in the early stages of their race. “That history has anointed me to save my country in its hour of need.”

What annoyed McCain the most, of course, was how Obama was steadily capturing the mantle of change and the air of excitement that he once enjoyed aboard his famous campaign bus, the Straight Talk Express.

I was lucky enough to see that for myself when I first met McCain in the fall of 1999, as he was becoming the rising candidate in the Republican primary. At the time, I was a cub reporter for the Des Moines Register. Since McCain’s strategy was to skip the Iowa caucuses — a very wise decision — I went to find him in New Hampshire and was overwhelmed by his charm.

Charm turned cantankerous

What I learned from covering a statesman’s journey

By the 2008, after I had interviewed McCain many times while covering Congress for the Chicago Tribune and The New York Times, his charm turned cantankerous. McCain snapped at me one day as he returned to Washington to cast a vote, curtly suggesting reporters were treating Obama with kid gloves. He often refused to speak to journalists, but he always had a hard time keeping the punishment up for long because he did like talking — and promoting — issues that mattered.

It was Obama, ironically, who was far more reticent around the press. He initially confided to advisers that he was worried about running against such an authentic figure and war hero like McCain, but quickly found a way under his opponent’s skin: tying him to Bush.

He did so again and again as they tangled in televised debates during the fall of 2008 in Mississippi, Tennessee and New York and in campaign rallies in all corners of the country.

“I guess that was John McCain finally giving us a little straight talk and owning up to the fact that he and George Bush actually have a whole lot in common,” Obama said in a frequent refrain. “Here’s the thing, we know what the Bush-McCain philosophy looks like.”

All of that, of course, is ancient — and quaint — history. Yet it will be front-and-center on Saturday as Bush and Obama, an improbable duo, rise to send off McCain, a rival no more.

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Find Special Wedding Venues In Cheshire

Civil wedding ceremonies usually occur in the principal hall. The very best thing about winter weddings is frequently the party. No 2 weddings need be the exact same. It is possible to choose to have an elegant marquis wedding that’s full of fresh flowers, picked right from the nation. In this page, you will find many special wedding venues.

In any event, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable Wedding Day. Plenty of couples searching for a special wedding venue have fallen in love with the notion of a rustic barn wedding. Our buddies and family had such a wonderful moment! Many thanks and tons of love Massive Thank You! If you want to understand more, then please speak to us. The opportunity to party into the tiny hours The simple fact that you rarely have to be worried about disturbing the neighbours is an extra bonus.

Otherwise, you could think about hiring a band from the local school or college to execute. If you’re searching for a band that is somewhat different then look no more. Live bands can be costly, especially in the event the inexpensive barn you’ve found is in the centre of nowhere.

Figuring out your wedding budget is no simple feat. Arranging a wedding takes quite a bit of work, and deciding on where to hold your special day is just one of the toughest tasks. There is, in addition, the choice to set up an outdoor bar. One of the most significant advantages of getting your wedding at Tower Hill Barns is that the full venue is yours and yours alone for the whole moment.

Access our hand-picked collection of suppliers to guarantee every last detail is designed the way that you want it. You may find more details by visiting sandholeoakbarn-weddings. There are little useful details on the Universal Furniture site. Our user-friendly site and expert staff make the entire booking process hassle-free. Charity shops are likewise a fantastic place to look for decorative vintage china you could creatively arrange on each table.

The barn is romantic and rustic and if it is a great day it is possible to get married in the lovely walled gardens. Old-fashioned barns provide a huge space that may be dressed up to create an amazing ambience and an impressive backdrop. Rivington Hall Barn is the best location for virtually any couple that is trying to find a distinctive venue to host their wedding. Sandhole Oak Barn is a lovely wedding venue in the centre of Cheshire. Sandhole Oak Barn is wonderfully versatile and can readily cater to every single facet of your day. Barns within venues which aren’t specifically hired out or licensed for weddings are usually a ton cheaper research into parks which include barns to save a fortune!

There’s normally room in the grounds to establish games for the kids, and perhaps a bouncy castle too. Tons of room If you desire a great huge venue that looks spectacular and offers a great deal of room, a wedding barn is a great choice.

The Hidden Truth on Wedding Barns Cheshire
At the middle of our event area is a little marquee. The venue is readily available for the entire weekend as well a time both sides of the weekend. There are a few truly fabulous venues that are certain to tick all the appropriate boxes. What a truly special and distinctive venue you’ve got. You only have to be mindful your barn wedding venue is constructed of wood! The wedding venue is easily the most perfect venue and the ceremony room is completely gorgeous! If you’re searching for the ideal wedding reception venue, begin by investigating barn venues in your region.

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