Unusual Gifts of Vision Loss

Everything I Gained After I Lost My Eyesight

blindness, I’m starting to feel happiness and happiness once more as I always learn how to adapt. I do everything I did before — work for a writer, function as a jazz musician, listen to cool books walk with my new cane, and sail boats, among many other activities that are cool. I have also met with lots of new and amazing friends I never would have met before.

I have windows of perception. I think exactly the exact same is worked by having meaningful relationships with individuals is that which makes life worth living, not whether or not one of your perceptions as everybody else’s. I’m the identical person I had been before, I just happen to not be able to see with my eyes. It is just one aspect of who I am. My goal now is to help other men and women who are perceived by other people to have a handicap– to communicate that we simply have another skill. My gift of vision is merely starting, although my gift of sight may be gone.

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Unusual Gifts of Vision Loss

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