2017 Gift Guide: Greatest tech gifts for Teens and Adults

  • Somneo by Philips

    Even the Somneo bedside light from Philips combines a night light using a guided wind-down-to-sleep characteristic. In addition, it provides a wake-up light to softly mimic a natural sunrise. Priced at $199.

  • Onyx smart walkie-talkie

    Orion Labs has made a wearable smart walkie-talkie, the Onyx, that works anywhere your telephone connects to the internet, so employees can remain in touch with their team at work over almost any distance. It even does real time translation between English and Spanish. It works with mobile or iOS devices. $199.98 for a 2-pack.

  • Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset

    The Ambeo Smart Headset catches 3D sound recordings with two omni-directional microphones integrated into the ear pieces. It’s also a sound canceling ear bud. $299.95

  • BaseLantern XL Bluetooth lantern and electricity hub

    BioLite’s modular lighting line comprises the BaseLantern XL, which can be really a flatpack Bluetooth lantern that is about the size of a sandwich. It’s 500 lumens and can be connected for a miniature smartgrid that is controllable from a smart device using Bluetooth. The mobile app allows you to access features like color controllers, alarms and proximity management. Even the 12000 mAh rechargeable li-on battery can be used for up to 78 hours of light or fully charge around four smartphones. $129.99.

  • Vibe bike lights

    Vibe bike lights from Light & Motion feature clever sensors that understand motion and automatically turn off and on when you start or stop biking. They have a strong, variable pulse light that is intended for optimum traffic visibility night and day. The Vibe Guru HL headlight senses ambient pulses and light in the daytime but stays steady at night. The cable-free USB interface fees in a USB interface in 90 minutes. The Vibe Guru HL headlight has 200 lumens and a 6-hour run period for about $49.99. The Vibe tail lighting has 50 lumens and a 12-hour run time for about $39.99.

  • LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ robotic vacuum

    This is really for your techie who enjoys a clean home. Even the LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ robotic vacuum has been Wi-Fi enabled and contains home security settings and is compatible with Google Home. Prices generally start at $999.99, however a recent promotion offers starting prices of $749.99.

  • Fitbit Flyer wireless Exercise headphones

    Even the Fitbit Flyer wireless fitness headphones are sweatproof and made for comfort. The battery lasts around 6 hours, and there’s a 15-minute fast charge feature that provides an extra hour playtime. Available in purple grey or nightfall blue eyes. $129.95.

  • Onvocal OV Alexa-enabled cans

    These OV cans possess Alexa capabilities built in, so they serve as a wearable electronic assistant. It is as if you have an Amazon Echo in yoiur ear at all times, so it’s easy to check on your Alexa-enabled smart home products and whatever else that you would do with the Echo. It also functions with Siri and Google. $299

  • Magic Woman laptop

    Know a Wonder Woman fan? Then select from a assortment of notebook skins from Skinit. They are available for practically any notebook, from HP and Dell to Apple and Asus. Beginning at 29.99.

  • Damson Headspace Headphones

    These Damson Headspace brushed aluminum XD sound noise cancelling headphones come with Bluetooth and wired playback for up to 16 hours of use. $149.99

  • Coby water-resistant Bluetooth speaker

  • HubMax mobile charger

    The HubMax from MyCharge is a rechargeable 10500 mAh portable charger. It has an integrated Apple Lightning cable and micro-USB cable and a built in USB port. Self-contained wall prongs make it easy to recharge. It is a streamlined 4.6 inches x 2.8 inches x 0.9 inches and will recharge most smartphones up to 6 days on a single charge. In addition, it provides a quick recharge and maintains its battery power for up to a year. $99.99.

  • Drive Sleek cradle mobile booster

    Even the Drive Sleek 4G cradle cellular signal booster for vehicles can boost mobile coverage up to 32 times. It offers faster data speeds, clearer calls and also much better battery lifetime in weak-signal locations. $199.99

  • LG Tone Infinim

    The LG Tone Infinim Bluetooth headset is worn round the throat with earbuds that extend up to your ears. It is compatible with Android along with iOS devices and contains 12 hours of listening time. In addition, it lets you answer calls from your smartphone, as you toggle between playlists along with calls. Available in silver, black and rose gold at $149.99.

  • Amazon Echo

    The 2nd production Amazon Echo electronic helper offers a new speaker, new design and comes in fabric, metal or wood finishes to fit into almost any home decor setting. $99.99

  • Blink S2 electrical skateboard

    This dual-motor Blink S2 multi-vitamin from Acton is for urban commuters and extends up to 18 miles and 14 miles on a single charge. $999.

  • PetSafe intelligent automatic pet feeder

    The Smart Feed automatic pet feeder works with iOS and Android devices. It is Wi-Fi enabled and you can functioned it from an app and program around 12 meal a day with parts ranging from 1/8 to 4 cups. $189.95

  • Google Home Mini

    The Google Home Mini is powered by the Google Assistant for a hands free electronic helper Much like the Amazon Echo Dot. It is $49.

  • LevitatingX collection

    Even the LevitatingX set of levitating home products uses levitation technology to float cups, plates plants and more in midair. Costs vary, however, the cocktail cup or levitating plant are199.99.

    Image: Levitating Design Lab

  • Windows Mixed Truth Headsets

  • Marimekko patterned Colours, skins and type overs

    The Marimekko line of skins and sleeves for the Surface Guru along with the Surface Laptop add a splash of pay for your devices. $39 to $75.

Somneo from Philips

Even the Somneo bedside light from Philips combines a night light using a guided wind-down-to-sleep characteristic. In addition, it provides a wake-up light to softly mimic a natural sunrise. Priced at $199.

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2017 Gift Guide: Greatest tech gifts for Teens and Adults

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